Your agents now
MORE smart
With our software Multiagent Panel,
your agents will be able to do more in less time. allowing them to serve customers
who come from several simultaneous channels
while suggesting responses using
our artificial intelligence
A PREMIUM team serving your customers
Increase the productivity of your contact center and support team with the tool that listens to your customers in the most used mass communication channels. Merge the human mind with the speed of AI.
Omnichannel: Everything
under one roof
WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Web, inApp, WeChat, Telegram and more channels available to manage from one place. Use the power of simultaneous attention, without limit of agents, without limit of teams, automating responses and everything you need for the digital transformation of your company.
Today talking is MORE than a chat
Our conversational experience is super engaging, combining visuals to show your products and increase engagement with your customers and agents. The Multiagent Panel allows you to solve with images, documents, voice, emojis and much more.
Easy to understand and automatable interface. Thanks to Jelou's configurable system, you can quickly obtain the status of the operation, helping you make smart decisions.
Know the status of each agent and their performance in an agile way. We know that a manager needs essential tools to be able to be clear about the objectives set.